As an Assistant High School Football Coach, I saw the need for a light weight, durable, portable and reliable, elevated video system that can be used for all sports. Through years of research and development, the Carey Sports Cam was developed.

The Carey Sports Cam can be used for:

Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Soccer, Tennis, Football, Track & Field, Golf, Bowling, Swimming and more.

No matter the sport, The Carey Sports Cam can be used for all levels to improve individual and team performance.

  • Light Weight Less than 40 pounds total weight.
  • Durable - Made with High Quality components
  • Portable - Fits inside a 10 inch by 72 inch nylon case
  • Reliable - Built by a Coach for Coaches.
  • Adjustable Height - From 6 feet to 23 feet.

Indoor or Outdoor models available, depending on your Sport(s).

Outdoor Model - $2,750

Indoor Model - $2,250

Brad Carey -