Two models to chose from, based on you sport.

We now offer a Indoor Model and an Outdoor Model.

The Indoor model will feature our 54" diameter tripod. The Outdoor model features our new larger tripod with a 72" diameter.

What's included with each system.

  • An Adjustable 21 foot telescoping mast. Total height with tripod is 23'
  • Matching tri-pod.
  • Pan/Tilt Mechanism with cables and remote.
  • Remote video camera controls with cable.
  • A 7 inch LCD monitor with cables.
  • Adjustable Monitor Clamp.
  • A Stability System that reduces swaying from the wind.
  • Nylon case for easy transport and storage
  • Training and Technical support.
  • The System is battery operated. No cords required.

* Cost Does Not Include Video Camera *

Also available for additional cost

  • Rain Hood to protect camera and Pan/Tilt
  • Sun Shade for Monitor

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